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Bulb Information Sheets

Learning About Flowers And Bulbs From The Pros!

At NZ Bulbs we want you to have every success with growing bulbs, so we've put together a series of handy fact sheets for you.

Just click on the links below to view.

  1. Hyacinths In Glasses
  2. Chilling Tulips
  3. Gladioli planting and growing
  4. Gladioli lifting and storage
  5. Hippeastrums
  6. Anemones and Ranunculus
  7. Daffodil Growing
  8. Bulbs for dry areas
  9. Bulbs for damp and shady areas
  10. Naturalising Bulbs
  11. Bulbs in containers
  12. Daffodil Types
  13. Dutch Irises
  14. Freesias
  15. Dahlias
  16. Tuberous Begonias
  17. Growing Potatoes
  18. Caring for pre-loved Lilies
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